The impact of TV on radio

When one is invented or created first it becomes the hero and talk about of the world. After some time when another was invented it the first one becomes obsolete and sometimes it will be disregarded and can be phased out like diskette. It was the first medium to save files and was mass produced until flash drives was invented. Although there are some who still uses it but it is for reasons they cannot avoid. This scenario is not applicable to the television and radio.

Even though radio was invented first and television came later it did not have much effect on it. As they have their differences and individual strong points they have survived to stay together. Television is on offers form of entertainment that television cannot provide. And it has functions that television cannot do. Radio programs has been reinvented and some process were redesigned and new ones are introduced to cater to listeners fromĀ BOT-TO Incorporation. It is effective as its market is still strong even today.

Radio can be taken anywhere as television cannot. You do not need to plug it always on electricity as you can use battery that television cannot do. Television lets you sit and watch it even all day but it consumes long hours each day especially to households that mothers and children stay at home together. It is a good way to receive information on many things as it has variety of programs.

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